“Girls Inc. was more than just an after-school program for us; it was our village.”
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“Girls Inc. was more than just an after-school program for us; it was our village.”

My name is Sue Hillsgrove, and I am a mother of four grown children, three of whom were Girls Inc. participants. My daughters Kate, Kara, and Lily attended Girls Inc. in Concord, New Hampshire. Kate began in 6th grade, while Kara and Lily joined as soon as they were eligible. Girls Inc. was more than just an after-school program for us; it was our village. My daughters formed relationships with caring adults, looked up to fun teenagers, and connected with various community members, including business owners and the Concord police.

During their time at Girls Inc., my daughters engaged in a range of activities, from games and crafting to cooking and volunteering. They learned valuable skills, experienced healthy competition, and built lasting friendships with peers and mentors alike. All three of my daughters have maintained close friendships with individuals they met through Girls Inc.

As a single mother, having my daughters at Girls Inc. provided me with a sense of security I hadn’t felt before. Knowing they were happy, engaged, well-fed, and learning in a supportive environment made it an easy decision. Girls Inc. truly felt like an extension of our family.

Beyond the day-to-day activities, Girls Inc. went above and beyond to ensure my daughters received the care they deserved. They provided financial assistance without judgment, making it possible for my girls to participate fully. Girls Inc. also offered unique opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise. From personalized Christmas gifts to memorable trips to New York City, Girls Inc. enriched my daughters’ lives in countless ways.

My daughters were honored at banquets celebrating their achievements, where they learned the importance of expressing gratitude and speaking publicly about their experiences. Girls Inc. played a significant role in shaping their character and values, and I am immensely grateful for the impact it has had on their lives. My only hope is that every community and every girl can experience the same opportunities and support that Girls Inc. provided for my daughters.